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Toby Gerhart for Heisman!

Posted on: November 29, 2009 2:05 am
Please post your reasons in support of your choice for the Heisman Trophy here. I'm all about Stanford Football, but even if I weren't I'd have had Toby on my list of top 5 and after what he did tonight, he would have jumped to number one. Let me know who you have up on your list.

Since: Oct 19, 2009
Posted on: January 15, 2010 5:12 pm

Toby Gerhart for Heisman!

Gerhart deserved the Heisman!

He was essentially penalized because the PAC 10 does not have a championship game and Mark Ingram was given the Alabama lifetime avheivement award since they had never had a Heisman Trophy winner..

Gerhart is a durable workhorse. an unstoppable workhorse, a bulldozer of touchdowns! 

I had heard all the hype about Gerhart, but had yet to see him play until the Notre Dame game.  I'm not one to buy into hype without seeing it with my own eyes, a player has to prove himself to me first.  So I tuned in to ABC's Saturday Night Football then just sat back and watched... and I watched in total AWE.  Herbstreit and Musberger were in AWE too!  I sat and watched one of the most dominating performances at the running back position that I have ever seen. He simply took the ball and pounded through 5 or 6 defenders, dragging them all with him. At 6 ft 1, 235 lbs he is a living physics equation.  He brings to mind Newton's Second law of motion: "Force equals mass times acceleration (F = ma): the net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration." Gerhart has a LOT of force!

During that game, Gerhart touched the ball 31 times with 29 rushes for 205 yards (his third 200+  yard game of the season) and 3 TD's.  He also hauled in a 33 yard reception and then on 4th down and 4, in the fourth quarter, Gerhart tossed an 18 yard touchdown pass to Ryan Whalen.... Gerhart personally accounted for four touchdowns

Gerhart is a powerful back with deceptive speed, a tall, fast Mike Allsott.  I've been watching football for a while and I have not seen a running back performance this powerful and this dominant since January 31st, 1983 in Super bowl XVII.  That was when the soon-to-be crowned Super Bowl MVP   - John Riggins- on 4th and 1 yard, ripped of a 43 yard, late 4th quarter run that won the Super Bowl and won him the MVP.  

Riggins set the Super Bowl record at that time of 166 yards on 38 bruising, bone crushing carries.  His performance was eerily similar to Gehart's performance from the Notre Dame game. 

Yes,  I know it was Notre Dame, but they are still D1 athletes.  No one else put up those kind of numbers against them.  Gerhart is a machine and he will have a long and successful career in the NFL!  He would have been one of the few Heisman Trophy Winners that actually panned out in the NFL.

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