Posted on: April 2, 2008 10:00 am
Edited on: April 3, 2008 1:13 am

History in the making

This year seems to be a time for making and obliterating history. Everywhere unbelievable things just keep happening. I mean, even though the Superbowl didn't end with an undefeated season, we still had an undefeated team in the Superbowl. Has anyone else notice that the balance of professional sports has completely normalized (except of course in Golf and I don't think we'll see that happening anytime soon, but more on that later)?

Looks like baseball (although if Bean Town wins again I may have to eat these words) no longer seems to be in the hands of a few, with viable teams on both sides of the league and more good players to spread the love.

The West is amazing, but now there finally is a powerhouse (other than the Pistons) to contend and very likely win it all from the East.

Juicy, just plain juicy how many teams have decent opportunities to do something in this year's Stanley Cup. I think Hockey is finally back.

On to the celebrations:

The gods were smiling when they saw Tiger Woods. But as much as we thought we knew about this guy, he continues to amaze by showing us that there's more to come. I tip my glass to you Mr. Woods.

Belichick has apologized, so I guess we can move on, but I'm more impressed by the way the Giants took it to the 21st Century Dynasty in a game they were 'destined' to win. I have to admit that I secretly wished that the Patriots had won, since I had plenty on the line (lol).

Can anybody say, my bracket is frocked! I never even considered that the committee was on the right track, but four number 1s in the final four!? Kudos to the committee and a tip of my glass to Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina and UCLA.

The Celtics are 59-15? or did someone mistype, should it have been the 15-59? What the super trio is doing in Boston is nothing short of stupendous. And it's not very often that a GM strikes gold and finds the right combination of players to pull such a magical act off. I tip my glass to the Celts.

Please share your list of awe-inspiring 2008 sports moments and stay tuned for my next Blog on 2008 awe-inspiring 'non-sports' moments.
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